The Human Spirit Is Most Important

There is a vitally important factor that must be considered, to determine whether a person is really fit and healthy. We will look at this in a moment.

When we think of health and fitness, most of us think of the body and sometimes the mind.

But true health and fitness must involve the humanspirit as well. We cannot ignore the influence of the spirit when making an assessment of health and fitness.

Why is the spirit so important? It is important because–The body without the spirit is dead–according to James 2:26 of Holy Scripture.

It is really the spirit that gives life to the soul and body. The spirit imparts power and truth to the body, so that it functions as it is supposed to. If one is not aware of this–one is undoubtedly living below potential.

Let us take a closer look at the three ‘elements ‘ that make up human beings–body, soul, and spirit.

(a) The Body… may be considered to be that physical mass which each of us carries around where ever we go.

The body functions best when it is subjected to some form of work or exercise–and proper diet. Prolong inactivity creates blood circulation problems for the body, and weakens its structure. Therefore exercise is recognized as an essential part of a fit and healthy body.

(b) The Soul… is a complex and powerful part of the human being. The mind is part of the soul: and needs to be fed the correct diet to be healthy.

Moreover, our will, and emotions are associated with the mind. Therefore, keeping the mind fit and healthy is of paramount importance.

(c) Finally, the Human-spirit… is the most important element of the human make-up. It is also the part–most taken for granted, ignored, or misunderstood.

Like the body, it must be fed wholesome food–food from the Word of God-if it is to be strong and healthy.

We can feed our spirit anything. But then, what it produces would be a direct result of what it eats. “We are what we eat,” applies to our spirit as well! But the question is–how can health and fitness be achieved–if more attention is paid to the spirit?

When we begin to pay attention to our spirit, we are beginning to acknowledge that we need help. At this time, our human-spirit is encouraging us to seek abiding help: help which comes from God alone. The One Who created us.

God knows everything about our body, soul and spirit. He created them! Indeed, a continual renewal of the human spirit, soul, and body, is the on-going work of God’s Holy Spirit.

God’s Holy Spirit empowers and sustains the human body, soul and spirit, of those who believe and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

God’s Holy Spirit can communicate with the human-spirit; placing, and keeping it–on the right and Godly path.

“It is the spirit that quickens; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words… ” John 6:63KJV.

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