The Raw Milk Remedy

Raw milk (from cows, goats, yaks, horses, sheep) has traditionally been viewed as a superfood. It has been employed both equally in the everyday food plan (typically fermented) and by unique groups with further nutritional wants, like the elderly, expecting or nursing women of all ages, warriors, and sick men and women. An ancient Babylon text tells how uncooked milk was utilized to push out the demons of illness, “Deliver milk and laban [curdled milk] that male come to be as pure as laban like that milk might he turn into pure.”(1)

A portion of raw milk was drunk clean and warm from the cow (or other animal), but a great deal of it was fermented, or cultured, into a assortment of scrumptious merchandise – yoghurt, kefir, cheeses, lacto-fermented beverages, and many others. – because of to both the absence of refrigeration and primitive people’s knowledge of the overall health positive aspects of “probiotics”.

As early as the 1800’s, we have documented texts of clinical doctors employing a diet program composed completely of raw milk to mend an outstanding variety of ailments – ranging from bronchial asthma and diabetes to colitis, weight problems and tuberculosis. How does uncooked milk operate to heal these kinds of a variety of pretty different diseases?

Numerous of my viewers who have gone on The IBD Remission Diet (an elemental eating plan employed to induce illness remission) also located that a selection of other ailments cleared up at the similar time. This is 1 of the good reasons I refer to the time on the Diet regime as a “therapeutic spa”. If the digestive program is the basis of wellness in the human body, and pure therapeutic heals the entire body holistically, then of program you are heading to see constructive final results in all facets of your wellbeing. All of your organs and units will recover and harmony, around time, specified the vital resources. An elemental diet program – and raw milk is definitely the initial, first elemental eating plan, provides the human body with the instruments to heal holistically.

In his book, The Untold Story of Milk, naturopathic physician Ron Schmid writes:

“According to late 19th century proponents, the ‘secret’ of the milk treatment lies in the simple fact superior raw milk is a food stuff the entire body quickly turns into excellent blood. In ailment there is just one or equally of two circumstances in the blood: inadequate amount, or irregular high-quality. The milk diet corrects equally and, acting via the blood and the circulation, heals the cells and as a result the tissues and organs. The muscular tissues on a milk eating plan harden, nearly like an athlete’s, since they are pumped total of blood, as are the organs.”(2)

Having said that, there are some principles that require to be adopted. As with The IBD Remission Diet plan, there are some very important rules that need to have to be implemented to have achievements with the uncooked milk get rid of. Some of the medical practitioners who applied the uncooked milk overcome with people in the 1800’s by to the 1930’s used raw milk in conjunction with delicate, simply digestible meals like fruit. But the huge the greater part swore by the have to have to eat only fresh new, raw milk, and broad portions of it.

One of the most prolific of these medical professionals, Charles Sanford Porter MD, printed a guide called, Milk Food plan as a Cure for Serious Ailment in 1905. In the book he relates how at minimum 18,000 clients experienced been on the uncooked milk diet plan under his care in the very last 37 years. This was not some fad diet regime, or rapid-flash development. This was a sound, scientifically established process for healing delicate to serious ailments. In 1929, one of the founders of the Mayo Foundation (forerunner to the Mayo Clinic), J.E. Crew MD noted that he experienced been successfully utilizing the uncooked milk treatment method for the very last 15 a long time. He mentioned, “The outcomes acquired in a variety of varieties of ailment have been so uniformly fantastic that one’s conception of ailment and its alleviation is essentially changed. When ill people today are limited to a eating plan that contains an excess of natural vitamins and all the aspects vital to progress and routine maintenance, they recover fast with out the use of medicines and devoid of bringing to bear all the intricate weapons of contemporary medicine.”(3)

The terrific matter is that a lot of healthcare medical professionals in the U.S., Russia and Germany posted their operate and success utilizing uncooked milk diet programs from the early 1800’s to early 1900’s, so we have very good tips for implementation. Personally, from my encounter with elemental meal plans and the rationale driving them, I agree with the majority of medical doctors who identified that if you combined other foodstuff with the raw milk eating plan, it was not practically as profitable. The only other food I imagine you could mix with uncooked milk and maybe see an added gain from is very clear homemade bone broths – boiled from natural meat and bones. I say this both equally due to the fact I have an intuitive perception that this would be ok (and possibly insert to the therapeutic ability of the routine), and for the reason that home made bone broths have been really useful for people on The IBD Remission Food plan.

Principles For The Uncooked Milk Heal

Immediately after perusing the writings of numerous physicians who worked extensively with raw milk treatment options, here are the critical implementation pointers if you would like to give the uncooked milk diet a try out:

  • Use uncooked, untreated milk from pasture-fed cows only – milk has the maximum healing worth in spring and early summer months when cows are having new, superior vitamin grass. Do not use milk from grain-fed or barn-sure cows.
  • Bigger fat milk (from Jersey cows) is excellent. Be certain to use total-fat milk only (not 2% or skim).
  • The normal adult have to take in at least 3 – 4 quarts of uncooked milk for each working day. You can consume up to 10 quarts for every day, if you would like (notice: 4 cups = 1 quart).
  • Minimum duration of raw milk eating plan is 4 months to see excellent benefits. Follow with gradual food items introduction of simply digested food items.
  • You have to have entire relaxation throughout the eating plan – do not function, just take care of relatives, go to school, and so on. This is just what I recommend persons on The IBD Remission Diet program, because healing will take a lot of electrical power.
  • Do not consume any other foods or drinks even though on the diet plan, other than filtered or spring water.

The value of strictly adhering to these suggestions is summed up in the words and phrases of Dr. Charles Sanford Porter, MD:

“It is completely wrong, if not positively harmful, to try the exclusive milk diet plan on any amount of milk a lot less than that demanded to significantly stimulate the circulation and promote system development. There is no halfway approach of using the milk diet plan for individuals who have a lot the matter with them. Sufficient milk must be taken to make new circulation, new cells, and new tissue advancement, and result in prompt elimination of the squander and dead make a difference that may perhaps be poisoning the system. With milk alone, digestion and assimilation might go on all through pretty much the whole size of the alimentary canal. The addition of even a cracker to the milk seems to bring about the belly to hold all its contents for several hours devoid of discharging much into the intestine.”(4)

How Extensive Do I Keep On The Diet regime?

Now you may possibly be asking yourself how extensive you can safely and securely stay on a raw milk diet. Amazingly, there is no limit. Uncooked cow’s milk from pasture-fed cows is a complete, perfect foodstuff all by alone. In his e-book, The Untold Story of Milk, Ron Schmid ND, relates many tales of individuals who lived in best health for up to 50 many years on uncooked milk by itself. This is just a person of a lot of illustrations this is a letter from a gentleman in Burlington, Iowa in 1913:

“I have lived on a strictly milk eating plan for the past forty-two many years, not as a issue of option, but from the point that I am not able to acquire strong food of any sort, even a crumb of bread. At the age of two I took a dose of concentrated lye, which prompted a stricture of the meals pipe and given that then have lived on a milk diet plan. I consider I have gotten along superior than the person who eats. I am five toes, 6 inches tall, weigh one particular hundred and forty lbs ., and am married and have four potent, healthier small children. I get one quart at each individual mealtime and none involving foods. My overall health is very good, in simple fact I have by no means been ill in forty-two a long time.”(5)

Dr. Schmid goes on to give numerous diverse illustrations of people who have experienced outstanding health and fitness dwelling on almost nothing but raw cow’s milk for 3 – 50 a long time. This is incredibly liberating information and facts! Consider if elderly men and women in nursing households ended up given uncooked milk rather of Strengthen, Ensure and processed food items? Envision if men and women with obstructions and strictures were being specified raw milk, instead than surgical treatment, or owning their colon taken off?

How To Introduce Raw Milk

People with inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are typically incredibly hesitant to attempt uncooked milk thanks to undesirable encounters with pasteurized milk and sensitivity to milk proteins (preserve in intellect these proteins have been denatured by the pasteurization approach). So what’s the finest way to begin and exam whether or not you can consider gain of this wonderful superfood? Right here are the guidelines I’ve made use of with myself and my little ones (who have been not authorized to consume pasteurized milk) to introduce raw milk and test for tolerance:

  • Make confident you only use untreated, total-fats, raw milk from pasture-fed cows
  • If you have been highly sensitive to milk in the past, then start out by making yoghurt from the uncooked milk. Uncooked milk yoghurt is the most highly tolerated of all uncooked milk items. Eat a tiny total of yoghurt every single working day and progressively develop up (see Jini’s Uncooked Milk Yoghurt Recipe underneath).
  • If you like the yoghurt and tolerate it well, then you can make an Indian yoghurt drink identified as a lassi: Add a pinch of cardamom powder, nutmeg powder and your desired sweetener (stevia, maple syrup, honey) and stir to blend. Insert some heat filtered h2o if the texture is way too thick.
  • If you want to consume the uncooked milk straight, it is greatest if you drink it in isolation from other food items. For example, have it initially issue in the early morning and you should not consume or consume nearly anything else with it – eat it as you would an elemental shake (all by by itself, on an vacant stomach).
  • Warm the milk somewhat to area temperature or lukewarm ahead of drinking (but do not make it very hot/boiling or you will eliminate the fantastic micro organism and enzymes that aid digestion). Chilly milk can be a shock to the process and more difficult to digest.

In advance of we observed a source of uncooked milk, my youngsters would once in a while have a glass of pasteurized milk at a friend’s home. And in just half an hour they would have a bowel motion. Now retain in mind that my children are completely balanced, with a person shaped bowel movement per working day. If pasteurized milk influences them so negatively, consider what it does to an previously compromised digestive system? Uncooked milk is entirely different. My little ones drink as much uncooked milk for every day as they want and they however have only one shaped bowel motion for each day. I drink raw milk straight, consume raw milk cheeses, raw milk yoghurt, and make a shake from raw eggs and raw milk, and I’ve under no circumstances felt better! If you would like to resource a raw milk provider in your spot go to: There are also a lot of useful articles or blog posts on the web-site if you happen to be apprehensive about protection difficulties, legalities, and so on.


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Traditional yoghurt recipes phone for the milk to be heated to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, nonetheless, this destroys the valuable enzymes existing in uncooked milk. Thus, I choose to not heat the milk further than 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43°C). Nonetheless, this commonly outcomes in a runny yoghurt (not business). If you are heading to use your yoghurt in shakes, smoothies or lassis, this is fantastic. Even so, if you favor to try to eat organization yoghurt, you will have to have to insert gelatin to help organization it up. So the recipe below includes gelatin, but if you might be ok with runny yoghurt, then comply with the recipe as is, minus the gelatin.

  • 4 cups uncooked whole milk
  • 2 teaspoons of Natren Yogurt Starter
  • 1 glass quart jar with lid, sterilized
  • 1 teaspoon powdered gelatin

1. Pour 4 cups of milk into a saucepan and sprinkle gelatin around surface area of milk. Allow sit for 5 minutes whilst gelatin dissolves.

2. About low warmth, stirring consistently, slowly but surely convey the milk to 110°F (43°C), or until you can retain your finger in the milk although you depend to 10.

3. Place the yogurt starter into the wide-mouth quart-measurement sterilized glass jar. Pour in about 1/2 cup milk and stir to mix definitely effectively with the starter.

4. Fill the jar with the relaxation of the milk, stir flippantly, and screw on the lid.

5. Wrap the jar in a towel and let sit in a heat area*, for eight hours.

6. Unwrap and location in the refrigerator. Let yoghurt to established in fridge (about 4 hours). If you want an even firmer yoghurt, next time include 1.5 or 2 teaspoons of gelatin.

*If you will not have a heat put, then put it inside your oven with the oven light-weight on. Do not convert on the oven, just switch on the oven light and near the oven door. If you have a yoghurt-maker, use the recipe below and then adhere to guidance for your yoghurt-maker for incubation – but nevertheless very best to incubate for 8 hrs.

Take note: Do not mix fruit or sweeteners directly into your main batch of yoghurt, as this will interfere negatively with probiotic exercise and efficiency for the duration of storage. Nevertheless, it is correctly fine to scoop out a portion of yoghurt and blend in some fruit, jam, maple syrup or honey straight away prior to feeding on – just really don’t combine these in with your major batch that remains in the fridge.

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